Christian Thought Forum

Hot-button issues issues tackled this year included same-sex attraction, gender issues, and religious liberties. We plan on hosting another event next fall. Click here to listen to audio of Kevin Lewis' session.

Session 1: Questions about gender issues?

Sam Andreades presented a biblical and compassionate view of gender issues, including same-sex attractions, transgenderism, and things husbands and wives can do to embrace their gender differences in marriage and grow in intimacy.

Dr. Andreades is the senior pastor of Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church in Quarryville, Pennsylvania, and founder of Higher Ground, a New York City ministry of Christian discipleship serving those with unwanted same-sex attractions. He’s the author of Engendered: God’s Gift of Gender Difference in Relationship.

Session 2: Questions about Christian civil liberties?
Kevin Lewis addressed the growing threats to Christian civil liberties and biblical ways Christians should respond. 

Dr. Lewis is a professor of theology and law at Biola University in Southern California. He’s a constitutional lawyer focusing on First Amendment Rights and the founder and director of the Institute for Theology and Law.

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